Please keep in mind, many of the formulas and concepts I present on this website are not the true in-game formulas. The goal of this website is to provide a useful tool to help end-game players make better, more informed decisions about improving their characters and gameplay. 

Update 2.0.2 (November 30, 2013) 

Damage Formula Updates

  • Remade the physical damage formula from scratch. Used regression analysis to obtain best-fit solution to predict data points.
  • Formula reflects basic structure seen in the Healing formula.
    • (Weapon Damage x (STR x Rate + DTR x Rate + constant) + STR x Rate + DTR x Rate).
    • Assumes an external constant of 0, i.e. if WD, STR, DTR are all 0, you will do 0 damage.
  • Estimates Determination as a linear cyclical modifier
    • DTR shows cyclical pattern that is dependent on WD and potency.
    • For example, a 5/10/5/10 pattern to increase auto-attack damage by 1 point.
    • DTR seems to have roughly twice the return on investment for auto-attack than for weaponskills.
  • Accurate from 300-530 STR, 202-280 DTR, Weapon Damage 20-46 with < 1.5% error.
  • Based on Monk damage output.
    • It is important to note that jobs and classes all have unique damage formulas. For example, a Gladiator will do less damage than a Dragoon with the exact same WD, STR, and DTR. Even a DRG will do roughly 3 more points of damage per 100 potency than a LNC.
    • I have included Job conversion estimates to help.

Critical Hit Rate Formula Updates

  • No longer assumed 5% crit at 341 critical hit rating baseline.
  • Based on more data points collected in 2.0.
  • Updated formula is 0.0697xCRT – 18.437 (old formula was 0.0693xCRT – 18.486).
  • Assumes translation error in tooltip for Internal Release, Straight Shot, and Wrath.
    • Adds a flat +X% crit bonus rather than multiplying the Critical Hit Rate attribute.

Enmity Table Updates

  • Used new Shield Oath/Defiance multipliers (1.5x instead of 2.0x).
  • Updated the potencies of certain Weaponskills.
  • Updated the TP cost of certain Weaponskills.
  • Updated Flash (now thinking it’s a 500 potency Weaponskill).
  • Updated all potencies influence on Hate/s and Hate/TP.
  • Special thanks to Will Brannigan and Stu Foo for doing the work to find the updated hate multipliers.


  • Updated all URLs for easier navigation and identification

Future Updates

  • Warrior enmity update based on Dev posts concerning 2.1.
  • Optional damage formulas based on Job/Class for higher accuracy.