Enmity Tables

How To Read These Tables:

There are two columns for Hate Potency, one for Combo’d actions and one for non-Combo’d actions. Hate Potency in the Combo column refers to the cumulative potency gained from actions used in the combo. The Time column refers to the cumulative time at base GCD to do the combos or single actions. Potency scales in a linear fashion, so this chart should make judging the Enmity from different Weaponskills and actions fairly easy. Also,you will notice several enmity multipliers. These multiply the final damage. So if you did 100 damage with Rage of Halone, you would gain 7.5 x 100 = 750 points of Enmity. Note the potency values have not been adjusted by 0.8 or 0.75 for the PLD and WAR Shield Oath and Defiance damage penalties. 

The WHM table comes from a Japanese website: http://archylte.blog.shinobi.jp/Entry/518/. I find it interesting to see the 0.5 vs 0.6 Hate/HP ratios. Personally, I tested only Cure I and found the hate to be exactly 0.5:1. So there is a possibility that his data could be accurate. However, he mentioned Protect as being (+70) Enmity. My testing showed roughly (+20) per self-buff and (+10) per additional party member. In a 8 member party, it is possible that the total enmity adds up to (+70), but I am not for certain. He also notes that HP draining abilities such as Bloodbath do not generate any additional enmity.

I have not tested HP absorption, but I can confirm all the other modifiers.

5 thoughts on “Enmity Tables

  1. Halfmind

    Your Shield Swipe data in the non-combo tables is incorrect; it should match the combo data. It looks like you left the calculations for 340 in there instead of the new 420.

  2. Butterqup

    I’m having trouble finding a short write up you did about the viability of non-Defiance tanking for WAR. Did you take it down? It looked quite interesting and I would love to look it over if you still have it on hand or could direct me to it. Also, fantastic resource here, no doubt I’ll be returning to this site many times after launch!


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